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Name: Stephen Yu
Sex: It'll cost you. Oh..MALE
B-Day: December 30, 1987
Nicknames: Steve, Prodigy, Happy, Kryps, Master (hehe), Chibi-Chan (I will kill any GUY who calls me that)
Height: 5'7.5''
Weight: 141 lbs
Sign: Capricorn/Rabbit
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
School: Simon Fraiser University
Grade: Year One.
Languages: English, French, Cantonese




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Sunday, March 26, 2006 [03:10 a.m.]

So apparantly this week is going to be my second last day in tennis. I'm going to take a break for a few weeks. I'll pick it up again in the summer though.

After tennis, i rushed through half of my chem hw and then biked to herman's for a hot pot party! Happy birthdays to kevin and lisa. At herman i got a few more questions done. Didnt get to finish it until i got home. Hot pot was pretty good...lots of meat, and kevin bought some chicken wings. Honey garlic was good but my new favorite is probably the parmesean and garlic. I just love cheese lol.

After finishing my chem at home...i should've gone to sleep [skiing tomorrow] but decided to go out to Darren's place and met up with the group. I watched them play DOA on the 360. Then we went to alice's house and ate the cake. We finished off the night with a round of pictionary. Team Stephen OBVIOUSLY won ^^.

Hrm...should i go skiing tomorrow...? I'll decide in the morning.



Saturday, March 25, 2006 [03:58 a.m.]

Physics mid-term in the morning...hope i did well!

After work, and after dinner, me, jack, oleg, herman, terri, amanda, and johnny went to watch The Inside Man. It was actually pretty interesting. The way they created the "perfect crime" was pretty cool.
Best part was when jack harsh owned the noobies at DDR. They were all like :O

After movies we went back to twinkie and played a round of monopoly along with uno-jenga. BBT was so/so.



Saturday, March 18, 2006 [10:32 p.m.]'s been a while since i updated...

Finals are going to be coming up....and i barely understand ANYTHING of everything that is going on lol....

Nothing really exciting's been going on...went out a few times...thats mostly it...

Some dude left a weird msg on the my shoutbox...well i changed it to what he REALLY wanted to say lol.

Skiing tomorrow...early sleep for me!



Saturday, February 4, 2006 [08:50 p.m.]

wow its been a while since i updated.

The month of january was pretty tedious. School, sleep, school, sleep, school, sleep, schleep, etc. I think i went out a few times but i dont remember what i did...

Mid-terms are coming up. Why the hell is this going so fast...i miss high school! My first midterm is on monday, Chemistry. Then its biology on tuesday, and math on wednesday.

Was supposed to go skiing tomorrow with my parents...but i have to go over to a friend's house to study chem. boooo urns.

Wanted to play Need for Speed Underground 2. But it was missing Disc 2 so i have no access....I got NfS Most Wanted, but it lagged a shitload on my computer.

Went to Aqua Riva dine-out vancouver tonight with my family. I had this pork loin thing with mashed potatoes. I stole some of my dad's steak >:)

Im so tired..i want to sleep at 9 tonight.



Monday, January 2, 2006 [04:20 p.m.]

it's been another while since i updated my blog. I am now 18 so i can do anything because i am legal! YAY!

I had a great new years eve party at Darren's. There was booze and...well just booze lol! Except i only got one cooler -.-
before counting down, we went to Sockeye city in Steveston. My god...i can go there in the day time but i couldnt see where it was at night! i had to circle the block twice just to find it lol! I had fish and chips with a delicious calamari...mmmmm.
I wasn't planning on sleeping over at Darren's but since everyone was doing it i thought i'd join lol. The couch-bed was comfy ^^

Sad news! My dad sold the 4runner! VERY VERY SAD! We've had so many memories in that car...The cherokee and 4runner bonded so much on so many midnight trips. We even spent hours out on river road just listening to music in it....can't believe its gone T.T



Friday, December 23, 2005 [04:15 p.m.]

wooooooooooo! winter break ROXS! lol...many things happened. Importantly, Karen and Alice's Bdays! And soon to be MY 18th ^^!

I cant remember anything else to

I know that i went to watch narnia with michelle was so/so....i didnt understand it. Turns out it was based on a BOOK. Scary :S

been sleeping at 4 a.m. and waking up at 4 p.m. Yup its fun :)



Friday, December 2, 2005 [12:21 a.m.]

Havent updated in a while. Dont remember what happened between last update and now so hahaha >.<

Ill try and remember recently wat happened...hrm...i just finished a bio-lab exam! I have to pass the exam or they wont let me pass bisc 102. I think i did fairly well, but i dont want to jinx it!

It started snowing recently. Not a lot, but just a few inches i guess. There was a lot more at sfu! i wanted to play around in the snow made me feel immature ^^''''

Gonna go up to grouse ASAP on the weekends...cant wait :)