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Name: Stephen Yu
Sex: It'll cost you. Oh..MALE
B-Day: December 30, 1987
Nicknames: Steve, Prodigy, Happy, Kryps, Master (hehe), Chibi-Chan (I will kill any GUY who calls me that)
Height: 5'7.5''
Weight: 141 lbs
Sign: Capricorn/Rabbit
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
School: Simon Fraiser University
Grade: Year One.
Languages: English, French, Cantonese




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Sunday, October 30, 2005 [02:35 a.m.]

wowowowowwo soooooooooo tired!

Saturday night was CRAZY TALK! I started out the afternoon (woke up at like 12) playing tennis. I was so happy it was sunny this morning ^^ After tennis, i went home and took a shower. Then drove to UBC to pick up terri. My god 41st is so shitty these much construction...slowed me down by half an hour.

We ended up getting to playland at like...6:15. I found parking ^.^ And the other drivers followed my directions and parked near my street. Going into playland, holy crap the haunted houses were cool! I wasnt scared though! I was pretending to scream just so that other ppl wouldnt feel so bad when they screamed. We went through many diff haunted houses, but the lines were SO long! We didnt even have enough time to visit the maze >.<
At one of the haunted houses, Kevin and chris got busted for cutting in line (I managed to slip through :P) because a rat from behind told on them. After a few minutes of walking, these girls cut into their line, BECAUSE THAT GUY LET THEM! I just turn around and whisper, "Im not gonna rat on you, although i should, but im not an asshole." The guy just shrugs it lol. Then walking into the house, there was this window where the actor pulls down the window and SCREAMS! When she closes it, the guy behind me slams his hand on the window, and she immediately opens it and says, "Fuck you come back here asshole!" That guy was hilarious lol! She tried to grab him but he ran off hahahah.

I also rode on the coaster for the first time...omg the inertia is scary, i felt like i was being pulled OUT of my seat. There was a point where my ass was literally OFF the seat. I also did the crazy beach party for the first time; it gave me a major headache -.-

After playland, we all went to this noodle house on cambie + king ed. I had bbq noodles ^.^ mmmmmm bbq-ness...

Then after driving ppl home, we decided to go to kevin's place to watch a movie. But im not used to daylight savings time (Should be an hour extra) So i felt it was 3pm when it was just 2, so i decided to leave early. Now im gonna sleep on my keyboard the second i press enter.

Oh never mind im still here ^.^



Saturday, October 29, 2005 [02:05 a.m.]

Well friday went something like this: Two hours of school (Since i carpooled with Jack i stayed for 3 hours) Then went to mcdicks and had a *drumroll* DOUBLE BIG MAC! Four patties of heaven *drools*. Something im never gonna get for a few months though lol....gotta burn off the carbs ><

Met up with Johnny at e-spot to play max tune with him and Jack. Then went to buy fright night tickets. Our plans got fucked up so decided to just let johnny go buy the tickets himself ^.^ Then he dropped tickets off with Alice and i decided to go out to oakridge to pick them up directly.
Hanging out at orange julius was FUN! I got free drinks...mmmm....After meeting up with Johnny and getting the tickets, we decided to do soemthing, last minute as usual.

We went to this bbt place Jack suggested near garden city and alexandra. They have GIANT bbt cups! it was SCARY >.< I couldnt finish mine cause i just polished off a smoothie from orange julius. I am so full from dairy...i think im going to hurl :( Oh well...sleep heals 99% of my sicknesses, so im going to bed :D

Found out something today that i sorta knew...but still didnt want to be proven correct......



Thursday, October 27, 2005 [11:19 p.m.]

Today i woke up at 8:30 so me and jack could go to public market to max tune. We got there at one there. We waited t'ill 10:15, still no one there! We then decided to go to Rush. The max tunes were open, xcept it glitched up when we wanted to race. I asked for help, and the person said that she called the tech guy, but she wouldnt reset cause she wanted to know what was wrong with it. I wrote down my name so that i could get my card back another time. But shortly after, another guy wanted to race Jack, so i unfroze. Then FROZE AGAIN! lol...the tech girl got pissed cause the other dude's max tune was frozen too, so she just reset it. My car was half erased! I was like holy shit >.< But the girl said if i play again, it'll re-write. Those cards are COOL lol.

After Rush, i went to school, and left early again ^^ At 4:30 i went back to public market to find the max tune OPEN! I played like 6 games of max tune and i now hoave a 500 hp car :D

Gonna go to rush or e-spot with herman tomorrow. I have no car tomorrow! >.< my sister needs it!



Wednesday, October 26, 2005 [10:28 p.m.]

today was a productive day....NOT!
lol immediately after my important classes (calculus and physics) i skipped my 3 hour break followed by my poetry lecture (I find it ruefully boring). I went down to public market to play some max tune ^.^ 50 Cent max tune rockxz >.<

Jack called me up cause he wanted to go too but i wanted to go home first, so 'round 2ish we went AGAIN! But they were full of ppl so we decided to go tomorrow morning before my 12:30 bio class.

So turns out Jack couldnt' reach his playland fright night friend, so there is a chance we gonna have to buy the 15 dollar combo -.- Everyone should go msg jack and yell at him ^.^



Sunday, October 23, 2005 [11:04 p.m.]

the weekends were FUN! On friday, me n Jack went out to public market to play some max tune for 75 cents. (Its regularly 50 cents mon-thurs but we were busy) The problem was that there were too many fucking kids b/c of the strike (over on monday =]) So we ditched the max tune and played some ddr. Well..jack kept me alive lol!

Friday morning was pretty interesting too. Since ppl were blocking the 135 from going up SFU, we drove directly there, to find...FREE PARKING! We met up with Jack's friend and gave her a ride to 41st and Oak. She had to go to UBC, so we played games on her by saying things like, "We're from richmond, we have no idea where we are going...for all we know we are going farther away from ubc!" She ended up getting REALLY mad and hitting Jack a lot. We also made it look like i didnt know how to drive :P

In the evening, we decided to get together, but only Herman and me felt like going out. So we went to UBC cause they have FREE parking! The strike gave us free parking near the arcade. I played a few games of max tune and upped my car to 340HP! WEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! Owned drummania like always ^.^

Ended up going home at like 12 and woke up at 12 on saturday :). After tennis, we gathered at Herman's place for a movie. Ended up going to riverport for Doom. Last part of the movie was a total "deus ex machina" when the guy uses 1337 hax0rz to pwnt through everyone.

We met up with Kevin at No. 9 restaurant. We left at around 2am and went back to Herman's place to bum around. We searched the 'net for funny videos. We didnt leave until 6 am! I was the only one really awake cause i previously had 12 hours of sleep ^.^

Woke up on Sunday at around 2. Had a tennis match 3 - 4. Pwnted that too :P
Went to Salmon House up the mountain by West Vancouver. So fancy...but...30 bucks for salmon? hell no! I had elk steak! sooooooooooo yummy!

Up for 2 hours now doing my physics hw...still couldnt complete...I'll finish it tomorrow...
Im also up doing this blog. Amazing 'eh? i am still updating :) Well mostly because SOMEONE claims she thinks i stopped updating although i really did and she's just being a poo-poo head about regularly checking my blog =P



Thursday, October 20, 2005 [11:40 p.m.]

TODAY SUCKS! I was supposed to wake up at 9:30 am to study for my bio mid-term at 12:30 pm...I remember setting my alarm clock for 9:30 am, but i wake up at 12:06 pm!?!?!?! I had to race to school just to get there in time -.- I ended up paying 6 bucks for parking...and ididnt know a few questions b/c i didnt finish studying....On the plus side, my lab that follows the course was shorter than regular, so i could leave early and EAT! God bless the mcdeal, which is increasing in price -.-
Speaking of mcdonalds...i noticed they now have a DOUBLE big mac meal....CRAZY LOLOLOLOL! if it's only at the location near gonna go there everytime i go up!

Tomorrow i only go to school for two hours! sweeeeeeeet! I was planning on going to maxtune w/ jack...but i think its a dollar instead of 50 cents :(



Wednesday, October 19, 2005 [10:48 p.m.]

today was interesting. Me n Jack carpooled to school. I went through another boring hour of calculus followed by Physics. Then i went to the bio common room (it was empty so i was alone ^^) and looked at the Metro newspaper. They had this math puzzle that looked interesting. It was one of those japanese math games with the 9 x 9 square divided into 9 individual squares. Hard to explain it really...but wat's important was i finished it in 17 minutes! The newspaper said that time means i am SMART :)

After my three hour lunch break, i went to english and slept for a while lol. I waited with Iris for nearly an hour 'till Jack was done his lab. After he was done, we watched Drawn Together, which sorta creeped her out lol! Then we went home as Iris went to her eng. tutorial.
Instead of going home, me n jack went first to mc dicks for a quick bite to eat, then to richmond's public market. Apparantly, its 50 cents a play maximum tune! Only on mon-thurs though...Sucks cause my free day is friday! There were a lot of kids there (prob because no school w/ strike and everything) so we decided to just head home and come back on thurs( tomorrow).
But now i realized i still have a shitload to study for my bio mid-term (also on thurs) so i am gonna pass on the max tuneage, and study like shit....

wish me luckzors! ^^'''



Tuesday, October 18, 2005 [11:28 p.m.]

HOLY CRAP! it's been TOOOOOOOOOOOO long since i last updated....

no everyone...i did NOT die....just been busy with the start of school. But i kept true to my promise! i updated after most of the buzz from school stopped.

Im now going to SFU and am taking Bio 102, Poetry 102, Calculus 154 (for bio and medicine) and Physics 101.
I just finished 3 midterms, and did fairly well on it. In about 30+ hours, i am going to have my bio midterm....i am SO least up to my regular level of worrying ^.^
Haven't had much time to party, but there were a few regular gatherings. (ie. louis' party)
Just when i thought i had put the stupid course registration behind me, november 25th is time to register for fucked up is that -.-
newais it's late and i gotta wake up at 6:50 to carpool with jack to school....i stayed up doing my math homework to make it perfect...and i bet jack's gonna copy my answers.....bastard...!

Happy Birthday Mom =] (though i doubt she will ever read that lol!)



Wednesday, August 17, 2005 [11:15 p.m.]

whoa havent updated in so long! well summer vacation has certainly left its mark. I havent had ANYTHING to really type about. Went out a few trillion times doing nothing really....gaming...watching movies...spending time with friends.

Been working at my dad's shop for a while....volunteer job i should mention. No pay...and jobs that no sane person would ever want to think about *shudders*.

My dad bought me a '97 corolla...not bad ^.^

Found someone....i'm going for it....



Saturday, June 18, 2005 [11:31 p.m.]

Wow i totally forgot to update! Provincials are coming up in less than a week...been studying real hard for that...HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAH cant believe i actually wrote that...

Been driving around more than studying...and gaming more than studying...i cant help all this free time! makes me wanna do unproductive stuff.
Grad dinner dance was fun...and a long time ago...not much to say about it.

Last day of school was a few days ago too! somewhat fun....



Sunday, May 29, 2005 [10:51 p.m.]

This weekend was interesting. On friday we went to richmond centre after school. I sneaked the car out, but my parents found out in the end 'cause we stayed at aberdeen then went out for dinner.

Saturday, I played tennis as usual, then went to elementary school reunion thingy. We ended up eating dinner at denny's. I managed to pay for that with a 5er and a shitload of coins from my jacket lol. Then i went over to kevin's place to play risk! for the first time! and i NEARLY WON! Kevin was saying how i had lucky rolls, and that i was never invited to risk again lol. Went driving around afterwards...schooled herman's privia with my benz ;)

Sunday was a bit boring though. Went to eat dim sum, then stayed most part of afternoon at aunt's place. tomorrow >.<



Tuesday, May 24, 2005 [11:41 p.m.]

school's been soooooooooo boring! i barely get through french and math without falling asleep. There's nothing to do! only thing exciting would be up-coming grad dinner dance! :D

Visited night market on friday after going to the Y with herman. We bought a double sword for amanda. But it doesnt trump jack's present....a glass dildo. because amanda actually USES that ;)

I watched star wars episode III on saturday! Who would've thought darth vader was luke skywalker's father! :O Only kevin wanted to watch it again afterwards though :(

Played tennis on sat., by myself?! whered everyone goooooooo!

I was supposed to get a hair cut today, but my aunt was feeling sick so i drove her to the emergency room. I'll get one tomorrow!



Monday, May 16, 2005 [08:18 p.m.] dad doesnt want me to do sleepovers anymore b/c i didnt sleep enough last time. Just because i wake up at 7:50....!

Classes were boring today...then during journalism...ease calls me to drive down to planetarium to pick them up from children's least i got to drive :D



Sunday, May 15, 2005 [02:30 p.m.]

Was out the entire night last night @ kevin's sleepover. Spent a few buying groceries etc from safeway, dan-d-mart, and mcdonalds. I learned to play the guitar! two songs! but EVERYONE would keep clapping each time i tried to play, to drown out the noise....bastards....

We held louis down while kevin "chinese-tortured" him and other ppls tickled him. He was like, "I can't breathe!"

Didnt get sacked by amanda! turns out i just have to not give her a reason. Even though we all ganged up on her in the end, she just attacked louis. Then he retaliated by wrestling her...We ended up having to hide him lol...

Watched: Dawn of the Dead, Catch me if you can, but missed The Incredibles, cause i fell asleep. S'all right though, already watched it.

Later on in the night, we went joyriding down to Richmond, but it got really rainy, so we turned back and went to QE.

Missed church today again lol....



Wednesday, May 11, 2005 [07:59 a.m.]

yesterday i went to playland! hahhaha! i never thought i id be going on a physics field trip to playland....there was so much work! i rode corkscrew, the swings, NOT the hellavator, and the log ride. Me and herman also got uber amounts of cotton candy...awww...*sick*

Came back and ended up goign to terris place o.o
whats funny though is i finally managed to use up all my sister's gas hahah! my dad filled it up though....

Very happy! thats all im saying....



Sunday, May 8, 2005 [10:09 p.m.]

this weekend was somewhat interesting....

On friday, we were scheduled to go to Jericho...but SOMEPPL were 2 hours late without we just crashed @ kevin's for a while. Then herman, amanda, terri, kevin and i went to jericho. And unlike what many ppl say...i did NOT run red lights...i just followed herman very closely through controversial amber changes...

Afterwards we went and watched Hitchiker's guide to the galaxy @ riverport. Going down '99 at like 130, i still couldnt catch up to herman...god that guy speeds so much. Hitchiker was more confusing than funny...and is apparantly "#1" comedy....

I had to eat SUBWAY for's a first for everything...

Saturday i wanted to go to Feenie's, but messed up reservations, so i just bsed my eng. report lol...Went to tennis @ 2, as always. Then went to they gym.

On sunday, i went to get roses for mom (so much easier w/ a car now lol...) then watched tv for the rest of the day...:D

Studying for french now :( and looking at this physics play land worksheet...fuck thats a lot of rather not go!



Tuesday, May 3, 2005 [11:08 p.m.]

Today was uberly fun! I got to go to stanley park in the morning for english field trip. I wanted to drive by myself, but my dad was afraid i would get lost. Basically, it's like driving to Cypress. (which i do all the time for skiing) I take Georgia, all the way to Stanley Park, and go in. But we were supposed to meet at the 19 bus stop. So my dad takes me to this weird place on robson...where according to him, the bus stop was moved...That wasted 20 minutes of my time. Barely managed to get there though...wasnt late! :D

I was lucky enough to not have to bus back, Owen drove me back! yeah!

French was always....

Free block was spent driving to oakridge trying to find Darren and god they walk fast...
Darren didnt want me to drive them b/c im only legally allowed one, but i didnt even bring my N sign, so i thought what the hell lol.

I didnt have an N sign to go to the gym, since my dad didnt get back yet, so i crafted my OWN N sign, out of green cardboard and a black felt! :D

Herman is such a bad influence...i was driving regularly down heather, wen i realized i was already at 70k....DAMN IT!

Tired now...nites all! :D



Sunday, May 1, 2005 [09:05 p.m.]

didnt go to church today b/c i couldnt wake up...for reasons unknown.

Yesterday i watched movies with some ppl, ate ice cream, but the most important thing was the KFC. And the chocolates given w/ the order. This morning i ate the last thigh for breakfast :D

I didnt get to go gym yesterday, so i went today. After that i went cruising a bit b/c i didnt feel like going back. Driving is so fun! So much freedom!

adfasdfasd i start to notice i do asdfasdfsa a lot....its affecting my normal life b/c id try to make the sound when something weird happens. Or when someone passes me while im driving...herman....

asdfsadfsaf (there i go again lol) didnt get to doing any hw this week...but i did buy a potatoe at safeway! It costed me 20 cents! :O when the hell did potatoes get so damn expensive. I better get an A on the bio Lab. That makes me lab on liver...requires..a potatoe...? lol.....

arggg! i did it again! i archived April 2005, with this entry typed in it as well! now there are two copies of this lol.....