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Name: Stephen Yu
Sex: It'll cost you. Oh..MALE
B-Day: December 30, 1987
Nicknames: Steve, Prodigy, Happy, Kryps, Master (hehe), Chibi-Chan (I will kill any GUY who calls me that)
Height: 5'7.5''
Weight: 141 lbs
Sign: Capricorn/Rabbit
Location: Vancouver, B.C.
School: Simon Fraiser University
Grade: Year One.
Languages: English, French, Cantonese




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Monday, November 21, 2005 [10:15 p.m.]

Wayyyyyyyyyy too stressed out lately! Everything is coming at me! AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!
Procrastination has got me: Homework assignment on math and physics due on wednesday that has not be started.
English 1500 word comparison poem essay due on the 30th.
Biology lab exam next thursday. (Must pass! or i fail the course)
EXAMS! AHHHHHHHHHH 4 MAJOR EXAMS AHHHHHHHHHHH! I think i have english exam and math exam on same day same time hahaha ^^''''

Besides the academic part of my life, been having an okay fun part of my life. On saturday we did a little party for Ease. We had hot pot! i was sooooo full when everyone made me eat the beef....AND I FORGOT TO BRING IT HOME WITH ME T.T

Had to leave before movie ended because i had to go volunteer at an animal clinic sunday morning. It was an actual 8 hour shift where i get to help take care of the animals. Devin, an adopted cat that lives there, was so adorable. It kept wanting attention from me. Everytime i wasnt doing anything and sitting there, it'd jump on my lap and rub itself against me lol. I watched a cat get a dental cleaning! It had to be put on anesthetics lol! When it woke up it got scared and crapped all over its kennel...ewwww i dont wanna be a vet anymore!
I gave a few dogs a walk. One dog, sugar, was SOOOOOOO hyperactive! She'd run everywhere! then suddenly in front of my foot when i wasnt looking.

Well...iono how im gonna survive this semester...but ill try my best...not hahahaha...



Friday, November 18, 2005 [12:20 a.m.]

It shocked me at first...but i sorta already saw it coming, and its not like i ever had a chance. Whatever...happy happy...right?



Wednesday, November 16, 2005 [07:07 p.m.]

So i got a volunteer job at this veternarian clinic on oak. I work sundays 9 - 5 lol. Kevin suggested me to go there, but i only went cause this girl from SFU told me to go there. She works there too! Hopefully i'll rack enough experience to get an actual job lol.

I also discovered about msnspace. I always thought people mistyped myspace hahahha. Wat really sucks though is the link i first used mysteriously disappeared!

Was tired this morning so came home and took a nap around 12ish. Slept till 6 lol ^^''''''

Got a physics mid-term on friday...aiiiiii.
Got a Biology lab exam coming up....AIIIIIIIIIIII!



Monday, November 7, 2005 [12:16 a.m.]

mom yelling at me for being up at like 12 am lol....

Well the weekends were so/so for me. I only say that because i have trouble remembering what i did....
Friday was spent moping braces hurt like hell. Wait now that i think of it i think i made an entry on friday....oh well ill have to finish to find out ^^
Saturday i woke up at around noon time (as usual) and went to play tennis. Rocked them as always ^^
Had mashed potatoes and chicken for dinner....i basically inhaled it.

On Sunday i had to actually study for my calculus mid-term. I started my ecology project and am about half-way. It's due this tuesday so im not sure what im going to do....
Half way studying for my mid-term, i realized i had to finish my calc hw too! I rushed and winged always...

Tired now...gonna sleep.



Thursday, November 3, 2005 [10:37 p.m.]


Woke up at 6:30 this morning to go to the orthodontist. Yes, i got my braces. My dad wants me to be a "movie-star" in case i dont get into medical....It sounded like a good idea, until i discovered these things stay in you for more than week! I CANT TAKE THIS PAIN >.< No solid foods? WHO THE HELL CAN?!

Everyone except karen and pandarz were so mean to me so far -.- They're all like...oh yea i'll take u out for steak tonight...And im like...FINE LET'S GO! LIKE I CARE ABOUT THE PAIN! And then they back down...pussies -.-

Alright...let's see if sleep heals better...